Wednesday, April 26, 2017

App Dev Cloud Stack - Securing containers at scale

How to secure containers at scale?
This series started with the statement, what do you mean by "Can't ignore the stack anymore?"

When your background is application development, you have spent many hours, days and years perfecting your craft. You have not only mastered languages and concepts, you have made it a point to learn to make good architectural decisions when pulling together the applications you develop.

The problem is, we tend to ignore the stack we are working on as much as we can. Well it's time that we as application developers broadened our horizons a bit, expanding our understanding of the stack we work on with the introduction of Cloud, Platform As A Service (PaaS) and containers to our toolboxes.

Our tour of your Cloud stack continues, from our previous article in this series where we talked about how crucial stack interoperability is to our Cloud stack, it's now on to the final piece concerning securing containers at scale.

Securing containers

Previously we talked about why containers at scale matter, but we did not touch on one of the bigger issues when maintaining containers at scale, that of keeping your container landscape secure.

Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Code from Edge to Cloud at Red Hat Summit IoT CodeStarter

Last year in San Francisco at the DevNation conference, EuroTech sponsored an evening of coding centered around the Internet of Things (IoT).

It was a pretty exciting time for IoT and attendees created a laser tag-style game. Participants were given a TI SimpleLink SensorTag development kit and a laser pointer. The sensors use Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) to communicate with the Eurotech IoT gateway running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Next week in Boston, MA at Red Hat Summit there will the second annual IoT CodeStarter event sponsored by EuroTech and Eclipse Foundation, but you will need to register now:

IoT CodeStarter

Are you ready to get your code on? Structured like a hackfest but without the competition, this CodeStarter event is an evening of coding accompanied by lots of tasty food and beverages (beer, anyone?) A fun night - and everyone gets good swag!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Boston JUG - Getting hands-on with AppDev in the Cloud workshop

The week of 10 May I will be in Boston, MA for the OpenStack Summit.

That gave me the opportunity to reach out to the local Boston Java User Group to offer a hands-on workshop around application development in the Cloud.

The meetup is online and you can RSVP, note down the address and meet us there at the start time on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 at 18:00 hrs (6pm).

The workshop title and abstract are:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Codemotion Rome 2017 - AppDev in the Clouds (video)

Last month I was at Codemotion Rome 2017, a really great conference in one of the best cities in Europe.

I have been lucky enough to talk at this conference on several occasions and this time around it was on AppDev in the Clouds with a twist that included monkeys.

The slides where posted previously and have now also been added to the Codemotion Rome channel.

The also recorded the sessions so you can enjoy this even if you were unable to attend in person, check it out here:

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to make the most of your Red Hat Summit

There is so much going on this year at Red Hat Summit in Boston, MA, from 2-4 May.

I thought a bit of an overview would be nice to get some idea of where you can find me if you want to meet up for a chat.

The agenda has been posted, the labs are online, you can start planning your schedule to pack as much open technology by Red Hat in to your week as you can.

I'm chairing the lab track and we are ensuring that you have a selection of 45 lab topics to choose from, the most we have ever put together for a Red Hat Summit. If you are looking for a certain flavor or type of technology to track for your hands-on planning, here are some of the overviews I have published over the last weeks:
If you really can't wait, over the next few weeks you can enjoy the Taste-of-Summit sessions that are free previews of upcoming talks.

Let's see where I will be the week of Red Hat Summit.

Monday, April 3, 2017

QCon NYC - App Dev in the Cloud Circus with DevOps

In New York City on June 26-30, the developer conference QCon is going to be taking place.

This conference is know as an international developers conference and they try to recruit experienced and well known speakers. While I have not been invited (yet), I thought I would submit a few ideas I have been working on the last few months.

With any luck, I will get a chance to share them with you in NYC in June.

Who is not interested in the following ideas?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ops Happiness - Events and Monitoring Supercharging your Operational Intelligence

In the pursuit of Ops Happiness...
(Written with guest author: Miguel Perez Colino, Senior Product Manger, Integrated Solutions Business Unit, Red Hat)

Previously in The Quest for Operations Intelligence, the focus was placed on what can be delivered with log aggregation and how to improve it. A conclusion was that to have full situational awareness on IT, you would need logs, metrics, configuration and events information correlated for easy one stop analysis when problems arise.

While we talked about logs, metrics and configuration in depth, we left events at the time without any sort of definition. What are events and what can we use them for in our quest for operations happiness?

Event happiness

Those most effected by this quest are the system administrators, who are the ones on call when things go wrong in your infrastructure. When the call comes in the middle of the night, this is the moment when log aggregation and metrics can save very precious time in finding the cause of failure.

The question is, what's happened to bring the system administrator to his post in the deep dark of night?

Monday, March 27, 2017

All Things Open - App Dev in the Cloud with Monkeys

There is an interesting conference being held in October, from 23-24th in Raleigh, North Carolina.

All Things Open.

This conference targets all aspects of open technologies, but specifically they try to recruit experienced and well known speakers.

With this in mind I put forth a session on open cloud technologies, but with a twist of theme that I have been testing on various user groups and conferences. It is resonating and was even voted one of the top sessions at Codemotion Rome 2017.

With any luck, you will get the chance to experience the vision around this story and see the live demo on how developers can gain control of their cloud circus and own these monkeys.

App Dev in the Cloud - Not my circus, not my monkeys...

When faced with all the hype around Cloud, most application developers are not really all that excited. Maybe you get that feeling that it isn't your problem, just leave me to my applications.

Let me show you why, as an application developer, you can't ignore your Cloud stack anymore. We'll examine your Cloud stack anxieties and provide you with a solutions to ease you into your first private PaaS on your own local machine that you can install in just minutes.

Finally, you will be given a collection of example projects showing you how to take control of this circus and own the monkeys!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Codemotion Rome 2017 - App Dev in the Cloud (slides)

As previously posted, I am in Rome, Italy this week for Codemotion Rome 2017.

My talk is today, but as I like to do, I start the talk with the line, "You can get these slides online right now..."

Thus this post.

For those that attended the talk, thanks for the fun, always appreciate your time.

The submission, acceptance and session abstract have been posted in the previous articles, so here are the slides.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Red Hat Summit 2017 - Get a taste of Summit with free previews

It is coming very soon....

Red Hat Summit, it's back for 2017 in Boston, MA from 2-4 May.

The agenda is online, you can search for your favorite speakers and start planning your time between sessions, keynotes, labs and more.

To tease you even more, there is a neat feature this year called Taste of Summit, where you can get free access to many of the sessions to be given in May.
Figure 1. My taste of summit preview.

Today you can register online and gain access to short, 15 min previews of session by the speakers you will meet in person at Summit.

They are giving you a teaser on the content and style you can expect, allowing you to make some early decisions on sessions you might want to see.