Eric D. Schabell: Process Automation Starter Kit

Process Automation Starter Kit

red hat process automation manager
The purpose of this kit is to provide the means to get started with the Red Hat Process Automation Manager product, from introduction, to installation, to using the product to build a first application.
It will present the available content in a logical order, providing a learning path for first time users. With the video tutorials designed to be non-specific to a version, these initial steps will save you time spinning up your first process application or project. Just follow the numbered steps below and you will be on your way to mastering JBoss BPM Suite.

This starters kit is currently targeting the product Red Hat Process Automation Manager.

1. Target audience

Anyone interested in getting started quickly with Red Hat Process Automation Manager:
    red hat process automation manager
  • developers evaluating open source rules, events and process tooling
  • architects tasked with evaluating technology for potential use in an organization
  • business or information analysts interested in exploring rules, events and process design tooling

2. Rules, events and processes

Before you get started with products in this technology space, a bit of a background on what rules, events and processes are about in relation to Red Hat offerings is in order. Here you will find a nice walk through the concepts as they can be applied using Red Hat products, all in around 15 minutes.

3. Get the products

The first thing one needs is the product, so with Red Hat Process Automation Manager this means we want a JBoss EAP server to install onto. We have two options depending on the what you are looking for:
  1. Red Hat Customer Portal - hosts all available versions of JBoss EAP & Red Hat Process Automation Manager that you can access via your credentials when you have a valid subscription for the Red Hat Process Automation Manager product. 
  2. Developers Product Pages - hosts selected major versions of Red Hat Process Automation Manager and you can get selected versions of JBoss EAP without a full subscription. You only need a valid account and agree to a $0 developer subscription before gaining access to the available versions for download. 
Below you will find demo projects that are based on various versions of the products, some of which you can preview without a subscription by downloading at Please check the revisions available to pull a tagged version of a project that uses product versions you want to try out.

4. Quick video tour

The list of videos in this section are provided as an introduction and orientation to the product as a whole. They are intended to get you ready to use Red Hat Process Automation Manager and take your first small steps into the world of process applications.
  • Quick tour #1 - Where to find Red Hat Process Automation Manager easy installation project
  • Quick tour #2 - Where to get Red Hat Process Automation Manager product
  • Quick tour #3 - How to install Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Quick tour #4 - Start your first Red Hat Process Automation Manager project
  • Quick tour #5 - Import a project into Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Quick tour #6 - Build & run a Red Hat Process Automation Manager project
  • Quick tour #7 - What's in Red Hat Process Automation Manager Business Central
This series will not take you through how to use the product beyond installation and a tour, the rest will be left for the workshops below.

5. How it's done

There is an extensive collection of example demo projects that range from a simple clean Red Hat Process Automation Manager installation to more complex scenarios and everything in between.

Each demo project has the same consistent template, the same user login unless specified in the documentation and install in exactly the same way as shown in the Quick Tour videos above.

Basic install project:
Install project:Details:
Red Hat Process Automation Manager Cloud InstallExample automated install of Red Hat Process Automation Manager on OpenShift Container Platform.
Red Hat Process Automation Manager InstallExample automated local install of Red Hat Process Automation Manager with typical standalone configuration.

Example projects:
Example projects: Details:
DevOps Heroes - Adding automation integration to your toolbox This is designed to introduce you to a new tool for your toolbox. The goal is to install and build a process automation project integrating DevOps testing into a fictional organization.
HR employee rewards process Learn how to automate the process for a company's human resource (HR) employee awards program. The results will be your very own employee rewards process.

To explore the full collection of example projects, see Red Hat Demo Central and Process Automation Workshops.

6. Get hands with workshops

The best way to discover a new technology is without a doubt to get hands-on with the product.

We have put together an online Red Hat Process Automation Manager workshop, where you are introduced to the product in an overview presentation before embarking on installing and building the project. We have two workshops available for you, one simple and one that is more complex.

HR Employee Rewards
In this project you will be building an HR employee rewards process project that includes human tasks, domain specific nodes, and a process, all within the latest Red Hat Process Automation Manager product. Note the versions of the product and supporting technologies are clearly stated at the start of the workshop.

The HR Employee Rewards workshop is laid out with links, video and guided steps you need to build the entire project from scratch:

Note we have several older versions based on JBoss BPM Suite in it's starter kit.

7. References

Below you will find links to all the materials, articles, blogs, video channels, demo collections and other content that you might want to bookmark as your JBoss BPM Suite collection.
We hope this kit will help you accelerate your Red Hat Process Automation Manager experience!