Eric D. Schabell: September 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Evangelist traveller tales - Retiring my old friend

I've been on the road for a long time now for my employer, going on 10 years believe it or not, but it's finally time to retire my old friend.

It's been an amazing ride so far, with trips to almost all corners of this planet. I've met incredible people, spoken to fantastic groups, ate weird to amazing foods, and shopped in the strangest of cultures. 

My old friend has been with me most of the way, keeping me company through the rough and tumble life it's been forces to endure. I can't even count the number of miles my old friend has covered, but it's really time to retire.

My old friend has started to limp a bit which makes the long treks from parking lots to terminals painful. Not only that, she's having trouble keeping up with me as we navigate hotel lobbies, airport hallways and rental car parking lots.

It's gotten worse over the last few months.