Eric D. Schabell: May 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fedora 15 screen casting with Gnome 3

GNOME 3 has embedded software that allows you to record your desktop. This makes it very easy to create a screencast in GNOME 3.

Start/stop recording your GNOME 3 Desktop by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R key combination.

The first time when you press this key combination, GNOME 3 will start recording your Desktop. A red circle is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen when the recording is in progress. Pressing the same key combination a second time will stop the recording.

After the recording is finished, a file named 'shell-%d%u-%c.webm' is saved in the home directory. In the filename, %d is the date, %u is a string that makes the filename unique, and %c is a counter that is incremented each time a recording is made within a single gnome-shell session. The recording is saved in the WebM format.

Now we can do our Red Hat JBoss screencasts without much trouble, but next step is to get audio track included. ;-)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Upgrade Fedora 14 to Fedora 15 howto

This upgrade when smoother than any so far, did not lose any Network settings for example! This is all you need to do:

# As root you would like to have a clean start to the
# upgrade, so get an update out of the way.
$ yum update rpm

$ yum -y update

$ yum clean all

# Should a new kernel install/update require it,
# reboot before continuing with the rest.
# Then install the preupgrade package.
$ yum install preupgrade

# For console upgrade, use:
$ preupgrade-cli "Fedora 15 (Lovelock)"

# If you like gui's to upgrade, use this.
$ preupgrade

That was it, just watch the action, drink some coffee/beer and reboot when asked to. Presto change-o you now have a Fedora 15 installation!

JBoss jBPM - add domain specific BPMN2 nodes to your Orxy web designer (video)

This is a cross post from tsurdilovic but the video is too good not to spread as much as possible. Note this is analog to the way we do this in our jBPM Migration Tool project for the jBPM/Drools designer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

JBoss World 2011 impression from Boston

This year I was off to JBoss World and JUDCon to present sessions on jBPM. It was an amazing experience and I was lucky enough to share it with a friend and customer from SNS Bank, Michel de Blok. As they were JBoss Innovation Award winners there was a VIP event that got us into Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. We also saw lots of Boston, took part in sessions from JUDCon, enjoyed presenting our session and talked to some Japanese customers on the side.

JBoss World 2011 - Pioneering a path to the future with JBoss BPM slides

A great JBoss World conference it was this week where we gave our talk, here are the slides.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

JUDCon 2011 impressions from Boston

JUDCon 2011 Boston
My impression of JUDCon 2011 in Boston with just a few photo's as I was just too busy catching up with old developer friends, meeting new ones, chatting with community members and having a good time to take more I guess!

We met up at the local Boston BJUG in Cambridge on Sunday night, with beers and talking development until around midnight when I finally headed for home. On Monday I held my talk on jBPM Migration tooling which was really well received. Below you will find the evaluations from the attendees, good input!

Session evaluations
Monday night was a hackfest and I joined up with the BoxGrinder / Torquebox groups and collected a few cool stickers for my laptop, thanks guys! Also spent some time watching Mark Proctor and Kris Verlaenen dealing with some build issues in Drools / jBPM projects (see pictures).

Tuesday was spent mostly in a long session to immerse the NA teams into jBPM5 together with the core team and product manager. I met up with some cool (ex-cycling guy, so we hit it off fine, eh Derrick?) colleagues from the US. Showed off my jBPM Migration tooling along with the jBPM5 tooling. The evening melted over into registration for JBoss World and the keynote kick-offs for that conference.

I had such a great time, met lots of great people and the level op technical depth on the sessions was outstanding. I would really like to thank James Cobb for taking such good care of me (and for carting the Mellow Johnny's kit around) along with the rest of the organizers. The best JUDCon ever!

I hope I can come to each and every one, they are the highlight of the conference season.

JUDCon 2011 - jBPM migration tooling, no one is left behind

A great JUDCon conference it was this week where I gave my talk Monday. Good feedback, some projects out there are promising to provide us with more process definitions to add as cases.

Afterwards also good discussions with the Tech Development Manager for JBoss SOA, jBPM / Drools team members and JBossTools lead (Kris, Mark, Max and John, thanks again). We have things that need to be done and some great new ideas to get busy with.

Boston sights we have seen

Spent a few days with family in Boston looking at what it has to offer. We had a great time as you can see!

First weekend my sister came out from the West Coast so we could visit and see the sights of Boston. We shopped, I got tickets to a Red Sox game, visited Cambridge with MIT and Harvard, went to Samuel Adams brewery and walked the Freedom Trail.

After that I was off to JUDCon and JBoss World conferences for some work related stuff.