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O11y Guide Workshops

Looking for cloud native observability, free, online workshops? Look no further, the following are available for you to enjoy today.

Getting Started with Prometheus

Come learn about Prometheus, a free and open-source systems monitoring and alerting tool kit that enables you to discover, collect, and query your observability data. Join us for this self-paced, online workshop designed to expand your knowledge of open-source observability tools. This hands-on workshop is designed to help engineers and site reliability engineers (SREs) who are interested in moving away from proprietary instrumentation and getting started with open-source observability. During the workshop, you will install Prometheus, collect metrics, and learn how to effectively run it in your observability stack. Get started today and hit the ground running with open-source observability!

Bring your laptop as this is a hands-on experience that takes you from nothing to a fully working Prometheus metrics collection experience with open source technologies. No experience in cloud native observability is required, you will be guided by the experienced speaker and go home ready to apply what you have learned in your own projects.


Getting started with Prometheus (click to open)

Getting Started with Open Dashboards and Visualization

Are you itching to get your hands on the latest DIY observability tooling in the form of a true open visualization and dashboard project? Are you part of a DevOps team looking to put together some simple yet powerful custom dashboards but are not sure where to start? Look no further, we have a free online hands-on workshop for you! This workshop exposes you to Perses and everything you need to know about the newest member of the CoreDash community. It's a project providing you the tooling you need to create crisp, clear, and informative dashboards for your cloud native observability needs.

Getting started with Open Dashboards and Visualization (click to open)