Eric D. Schabell: June 2005

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vimes Retrieval Architecture prototype

Been making a push at work on this project, trying to get the framework and basic search functionality working within a LAMP framework (MySQL, PHP5, Apache2).

Progress has been good and I hope to finish this up next week so I can publish a few technical reports on the various components.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Started my own blog finally!

Finally getting on the bandwagon and starting my own journal here. This is my last posting from the old blog plugin, moving here:

Hot weather! Finally a bit of nice weather in NL! We have been hitting 30 degrees C regularly the last few weeks!

I have moved my baby girls site over to the e107 CMS software, looks a bit more professional than my silly html pages did. People have started to respond to the guestbook which is really nice!

I have been made aware of the Google AdSense program and have applied with the idea to let the proceeds go to my baby girls future education. Pretty neat stuff they have and is interesting in line with my works departmental research.

I have been asked to teach again for IBM, more on that when it happens (sometime these things fall through at the last minute).

Last but not least, contacted by Benoit (a friend from France that has worked on SourceMage Linux with me over the years), he will most likely be dropping by Eindhoven in Aug! He will be my second meet from Free Software projects I have worked on, always fun!

Catch you next time.