Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 Silver winner for Europe - Financial Crisis Front Lines: SNS Bank

I posted earlier that my chapter was nominated for the Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow. I received notificaiton as follows:

2009 Silver for Europe— Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

This is to congratulate you on the judges voting for SNS Bank IT as the Silver winner for Europe. This is a significant achievement in the face of heavy competition. The Winners and Finalists of this year's awards will be published in the BPM Excellence in Practice 2010. The Excellence in Practice annual book series profiles the winning case studies each year of the new winners of the BPM and Workflow Awards with the emphasis this year on Impact, Innovation and Implementation in BPM Excellence in Practice 2010. The Digital Edition has just been released.

The award was announce live online via a web conference and an engraved trophy will be delivered to the SNS Bank. My thanks to all who made this work possible.


  1. Congratulations with this achievement!
    - Petra Ras

  2. Om in SNS termen te spreken: Good busy!

  3. Congrats with a job well done!

    Does this mean we will no longer encounter you in our buildings..;-)?

  4. Very, very nice achievement Mr. Schabell