Eric D. Schabell: AbTLinux package manager progress

Saturday, November 18, 2006

AbTLinux package manager progress

This last week I got some time free in the evenings to work a bit on the abt package manager, part of AbTLinux distribution. I am working on it this weekend still but have implemented the following functionality based on a test package (fortune):
  • abt -h | –help
  • abt [ -n | news ]
  • abt show-details fortune
  • abt show-journal
  • abt [ -d | download ] fortune
  • abt [ -i | install ] fortune
I have all of the above functionality working and the install function is up to and including queuing the package for install. For more information you can see the project site and check the mailing lists or code repository (SVN on sourceforge) for progress reports.
I have been digging into Ruby as a programming language on the way and received my Ruby book (The Ruby Way, second edition, by Hal Fulton) order this weekend. That has sped up my work considerably! I am expecting to make some good progress over the coming month, so stay tuned! ;-)

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