Eric D. Schabell: Peru Java User Group - Taking 6 steps to your first business rules

Friday, December 11, 2015

Peru Java User Group - Taking 6 steps to your first business rules

The good people of Peru JUG have contacted me about presenting a session around the JBoss BPM Suite starter kit last week

This coming Saturday they will be hosting another day long Java conference and have invited me back to give a talk on the JBoss BRMS starter kit.

The session will give you 6 easy steps down the path to getting started on your first rules project. It will be made available online for the Peru JUG members to pursue at their leisure in the following weeks.

The session is to take place at on Dec 12, 2015. I will try to post contact and login information once I have it or watch for it on my social media accounts (@ericschabell).

Taking 6 steps to your first business rules

Want to design business rules and events, but not sure how to get started? First you’ve heard of Red Hat JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS), or anxious to get started with your freshly downloaded JBoss BRMS? 

Then, this session is for you. 

JBoss BRMS starter kit can get you up and ruling your world in 6 easy steps:

  1. Provide you with the details, help, and a path to business rules, planning and events freedom.
  2. Show you a quick and easy entry into the world of business rules design.
  3. Walk you through the contents of—and what you can achieve with—JBoss BRMS.
  4. Provide a quick-tour series of video tutorials getting you started from scratch.
  5. Let you use any of several pre-installed projects and workshops to take you step-by-step through constructing a project from scratch.
  6. See how to make use of several workshops-in-a-can to host your own getting started events at work, with friends, or at a local user group.

Join this session:

The slides will be online hosted for all to enjoy and I will post follow up article with links to recorded video once available.

See you there?