Eric D. Schabell: Software


(June 2028 - Present) Current work can be found on GitLab and the various groups I'm active in.

[Archived work up to June 2018 was then migrated off of GitHub]

(Nov 2010 - 2016) jBPM Migration tool project, founded project and maintaining for usage in the jBPM project and downstream Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite product. It can be found integrated into the Business Central process designer.

(2007 - 2016) jBPM project, diverse bug fixes, documentation and other contributions from jBPM v3.1 to 6.x.

(Jan 2005 - Dec 2009)  ABout Time Linux (AbTLinux) - a project that plans to provide a source-based Linux distribution based on a tool set that has been documented from the beginning of the design cycle. This will be the driving goal behind all development here on AbTLinux. Clearly documented design, clear development goals leading to each release and just getting them done! This project is programmed in Ruby.

(2006) The Baby Game - This is a simple web-based Baby Game that allows users to submit birthdate guesses for a baby that is on the way! It provides both running overviews of the current guesses, stats on the cumulated data and color coded identification of the submitted guesses. Get project (GPL) The Baby Game.

 (2006) Publication Management System (PMS) - This is a project to provide a web based publication management system based on BiBTeX data structure. You can view the running version currently deployed at the Radboud University Nijmegen’s ICIS Publication Management System (PMS). This project is ongoing with improvements being made through the open source project hosted at CodeYard.

(2004 - 2007) eGroupWare - eGroupware - Enterprise Collaboration Starting in Nov 2005 my employer decided to implement this project within our institute (ICIS) at the Radboud University Nijmegen. I was active in the project as a Junior Member and worked on the English documentation, general testing and the first iCal server implementation. Departed from project team on July 2007.

(2001 - 2004) Source Mage GNU/Linux - Source-based Linux Distro The list of credits, showing the number of contributions per developer. This was the situation at the time of my departure from the development team (15 October 2004):

Sorcery bullets per contributor (top 5)

319 eric schabell
287 andrew stitt
264 paul mahon
187 nathan doss
157 nick jennings
Grimoire bullets per contributor (top 7)

9094 eric sandall
4846 robin cook
3185 arwed v. merkatz
2585 hgg
2396 treeve jelbert
1575 sergey lipnevich
1322 eric schabell
* thanks to Seth Woolley for generation of this list.

(2002-2003) The DocConversion Project - DocConversion Project

(2002) PRONIR - an information retrieval research project (completed in 2006).

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