Monday, June 25, 2012

OpenShift State of the Union, brought to you by JBoss (slides)

My talk this year at JUDCon 2012 in Boston was on the State of the Union with OpenShift in regards to JBoss projects.

The talk was well received and was approached the rest of the week by various customers, partner and developers that stated they did not know that there were so many JBoss projects available on OpenShift! I had to tell them that this was not a comprehensive overview and that there were many more that just did not fit my talk... the looks I got! ;-)

Here are the slides.


  1. Hi Eric,

    Many thanks for this. Hey, the OpenShift project is giving a little trouble. When trying to apply standalone.diff, this message might be encountered:
    "fatal: corrupt patch at line 45".

    Thanks for posting these, and the Github artifacts!


    1. Rick,

      You are welcome... please let me know which project gives the patch diff problem, I will double check it. Thanks!