Eric D. Schabell: JBoss Enterprise BRMS - BPM Human Tasks made simple in the Rewards Approval Demo

Monday, June 18, 2012

JBoss Enterprise BRMS - BPM Human Tasks made simple in the Rewards Approval Demo

Looking at the newest release of JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) 5.3 we will now have access to the newest member of the JBoss BRMS family, jBPM as a Business Process Management (BPM) component.

We wanted to put together some demo that would showcase the BPM features that have been made available to Enterprise developers. When the community project jBPM published a Rewards Demo highlighting the Human Task features, we wanted to take this across to our  JBoss Enterprise BRMS product as an example application.

This project will provide a fully installed and configured JBoss BRMS environment so that you can demo the project in all the available BPM components. It will provide you with a JBoss Developer Studio project complete with unit tests to allow you to easily demo the project in the JBoss Developer Studio IDE. It will provide a repository that you can import into your new JBoss BRMS Business Rules Manager component and demo the BPMN2 Web Designer, web based Business Central admin console and knowledge asset manager BRM tooling.

The process is a simple example that shows how to integrate Human Tasks and Custom Work Items in your  processes in JBoss BRMS. This article will get you up and running in minutes with a fully operational Rewards Approval Demo project.

Getting the project
The project is available on Github at You can retrieve this with a simple 'git clone git://' after which you can follow the step-by-step guide found in the Quick Start Guide. This is provided in both ODT and PDF formats. It is all kicked off by the script you will find in the project, which is quite verbose and points you to the various steps you might need to take should you have chosen to not to read the provided Quick Start Guide.

Rewards Approval Demo project overview
Once you have the demo project installed, you can follow along in the Quick Start Guide to see the various components in action. You can also watch the following video as I run through the various functionality that is provided by JBoss BRMS (available on YouTube and Vimeo):

Feedback welcome
Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for this demo. We will take any and all pull requests that can improve the demo experience. We hope you enjoy this demo experience.

Setup help (video) for running this project in a JBoss Developers Studio testing environment is available.


  1. seems like demo has some errors or exceptions :) ?

  2. You see some console error output in BRMS Business Central in the video (I think that is what you mean?). I guess I could have left that console window closed. ;-)

    Try the demo yourself, the code, unit test and IDE enabled process testing will guide you on your tour.

  3. Eric, your video doesn't seem to be showing anymore when I click the link.



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