Eric D. Schabell: First flat tire yesterday

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

First flat tire yesterday

I rode to work yesterday with Robert along for the ride. Was nice to chat on the way to Nijmegen and he dropped in for coffee before heading home again.

I left work a bit early as the weather was not too nice with severe rain showers expected later in the afternoon. Keeping an eye on I picked the best time I could to head for home. On the way there I had to stop twice, once under an overpass and once under a tree for about 15 minutes to let the rain showers pass.

Just outside of s-Hertogenbosch I got a flat back tire, checked the km count and I was at 1700 km in total without a puncture. Luckily, I had a spare tube with me. I proceeded to removed the old one, find the piece of glass (actually two pieces) that caused the puncture, removed these and inserted the new tube. Took me about 20 minutes in all as I have never done it before, but luckily I was in a patch of sun so not working in the rain! ;-)

Total ride was 111 km’s and took about 5 hours (due to bad weather and wind on the way back home). My legs were pretty toasted yesterday evening! :-)

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