Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Mutt mailer index overview!

I have been getting tired of having to look up the various Mutt flags that show up only once in awhile on the index view. I decided to put them here for myself and maybe for you out there who need only this information and not a complete Mutt tutorial to plow through. ;-)
Status Flags
In addition to who sent the message and the subject, a short summary of the disposition of each message is printed beside the message number. Zero or more of the following “flags” may appear, which mean:

* D message is deleted (is marked for deletion)
* d message have attachments marked for deletion
* K contains a PGP public key
* N message is new
* O message is old
* P message is PGP encrypted
* r message has been replied to
* S message is PGP signed, and the signature is succesfully verified
* s message is PGP signed
* ! message is flagged
* * message is tagged

Furthermore, the following flags reflect who the message is addressed to. They can be customized with the $to_chars variable.

* + message is to you and you only
* T message is to you, but also to or cc’ed to others
* C message is cc’ed to you
* F message is from you
* L message is sent to a subscribed mailing list