Eric D. Schabell: Pat on the back for eGroupWare work!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pat on the back for eGroupWare work!

At the end of a meeting with my boss yesterday I was handed an envelop. I was told this was for work done over the last year and a half, managing the migration of our Institute from Netscape Calendar to eGroupWare.

It was a letter from our Decan stating that my efforts and extra hours put in on weekends and evenings had not gone unnoticed. A small token of appreciation was included.

I was very pleased that someone had noticed the work involved and the contribution that eGroupWare has been making to the functioning of our Institute for some time now. I would also like to note that it IS possible to profit from Open Source / Free Software.

I continue to support and attempt to help the eGroupWare development team. I would also like to thank them for their work that does not always get rewarded, but is invaluable to the project. I also look forward to our continued relationship as our Institute continues to provide suggestions and input to make eGroupWare a better product. Thanks guys!

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