Eric D. Schabell: CML Framework prototype completed (v0.3.1)!

Friday, March 16, 2007

CML Framework prototype completed (v0.3.1)!

This project is running for some time now and is considered to be the core of our Collaboration Modeling Lab (CML).

It is a model generation framework prototype to be used to validate the IRIS departments main research line has been completed. This is the first release that takes the process from the logbook through to a generated ORM model via the distiller. For more details you can examine the code at the CML project site and for a quick vi
sual of the design I have included a generic class diagram below:

This framework is being developed in Java 1.5, with parser generation being handled by Antlr, Unit Testing with JUnit4, back-end database access via the java MySQL connector, and runs currently in the Eclipse framework (using 3.2.2).