Eric D. Schabell: AbTLinux wiki setup on Sourceforge

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AbTLinux wiki setup on Sourceforge

With the announcement of Sourceforge hosting support of project wikis, AbTLinux will now be hosting it's within it's Sourceforge project space.

I have migrated all old pages over to the new location, set security to prevent spamming and encourage both developers and eventual interested persons to take a look.

To edit the wiki you need to be a project member, which entails getting a sourceforge user account and then requesting addition to the About Time Linux project.

The original announcement for those interested:

SourceForge, Inc. (NASDAQ: LNUX) today said it has teamed-up with Wikispaces to integrate wikis directly into, the world's largest repository of open source software. The addition of wiki functionality into gives the community a simpler and more efficient tool to mass-author the documentation and communication necessary to support its open source projects.

"Open source succeeds because of community," said Michael Rudolph, vice president and general manager, "Adding the collaborative power of wikis into what is already a vibrant community will create a better way for the members of to maintain their projects. Wikispaces gives us the ability to support the high volume of projects on the site and bring greater value to the open source community." [ more...]

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