Eric D. Schabell: I have Major League Baseball!!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I have Major League Baseball!!!

After 13 years I have finally got the perfect and affordable solution in house, Digital TV from @Home. They have a package that provides many channels, most of which are nice enough, but one that is awe inspiring! It is the North American Sports Network.

This is a satellite sender that has the rights to MLB, NFL and more. They show the games live and then replay them later in our timezone at decent hours without many commercials. Most of it is from ESPN and it includes the original announcers from the USA, just like when I was growing up in Oregon! This all comes at the perfect moment, just as the season is winding down and the playoffs are starting. Bring on the World Series!

It was as easy to arrange too, just the slight problem that the digital decoder and starters kit I needed was sold out in the local shops. I wanted the Philips DCR 2020/03, but that was unavailable. I searched a bit online and bought it from (see below). Ordered it at 2100 hrs one night and had it in house by 1200 hrs the next day. Setup and running in about 10 minutes, with registration of the decoder card online!

I am so looking forward to the games while relaxing on my couch, just like in my youth! ;-)