Eric D. Schabell: Empowering Full Scale Straight Through Processing with BPM

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Empowering Full Scale Straight Through Processing with BPM

Last week I got the idea to try and get permission to submit a paper to BPM 2008 6th International Conference on Business Process Management. It took a trip to the Radboud University Nijmegen on Monday, where my co-author and I sorted out the details for a plan of attack.

I spent much of the next three days writing late into the night, but it is finally finished and submitted. Should it be accepted, then I am off to Milan, Italy later this year. If not, then we will target another venue as this is a rather interesting industry paper.

I will publish the paper at a later date should it get accepted, but the abstract will give you an idea of the contents. Fingers crossed!

As one of the larger Dutch financial institutions, SNS Bank in the Netherlands has made a strategic decision to empower her customers on-line by automating her business processes. The ability to facilitate the customer is achieved by applying BPM techniques in her existing selling channels. Both the publicly available and internal processes are being revamped to provide the customer with full scale Straight Through Processing (STP).

This paper takes a tour of the latest BPM project at SNS Bank, provides empirical evidence that this move has already allowed SNS Bank to reap the benefits of BPM, and discusses the remaining challenges for both business and IT.