Friday, April 25, 2008

Telfort internet success story

As I published some time ago, No Internet from Abel, I was having some rather extreme difficulties getting a new ISP hooked up after moving to my new house. After 18 days of frustrations I was forced to look for a new provider, well Tele2 was the next crappy ISP I had the misfortune to run into.

I called them right after canceling on Abel, but after not hearing anything back from them in a week, I contacted the help desk. They tell me that they have no record of an order for 20MBit Internet, but would love to hook me up. But wait a minute... my address does not support that speed... no sir, you can only have 1.5Mbit connection... right.

After hanging up on them, I browsed the selections available to me and Telfort popped up with a good offer. I placed the order online this time, received a tracking number to follow my order within a day, a letter confirming all was in processing and I would have a new connection in 3-5 weeks.

So I wait, but in 3 weeks I get an email confirming my connection would be available this week! How can that be, inside of 3 weeks????? No way. But I come home that same day to find the starter kit with modem and a second letter telling me my connection was active. I plug in the modem, discover that the setup works (not bridged either, but default is routed!), can you beat that!

I am an avid fan now... in a few months my telephone connection with Tele2 is over (contract until August) and I plan to let Telfort host my VOIP. Well done Telfort, you have just won a customer!


  1. As long as you don't signup for there VOIP service (Which is actually provided by Tiscalli not Telfort, both now bought by KPN).

  2. Why??? Tell me more about your experiences or link to them here? I am planning at the end of the summer to dump Tele2 for VOIP.