Eric D. Schabell: A new bike - VanTuyl VT740

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new bike - VanTuyl VT740

After more than 3 years on my previous VT730c, I was more than ready to upgrade to something nice. I love to climb so the lighter version, with Shimano Ultegra Triple will be just wonderful. As I just turned 40 I thought it would be a nice birthday present for myself. After some birthday fund raising, I ordered my VT740 three weeks ago.

Yesterday I took delivery and today I could just squeeze in a 30km ride before the rain started. It still needs some tuning as the front derailleur is not making it over the middle blade without two shifts, but this thing is very smooth. I didn't push it much, but it really moves nicer over the road and accelerates more easily through the gears that the old bike.

The old bike was aluminum colored, but this was not possible any longer. I choose a flat black like you see some of the retro cars being painted these days. Gives it an 'old school' look I really like.

I am definitely ready for some nicer weather and a trip to some mountains now.