Friday, June 25, 2010

Nokia e71 hard reset and lock code

Finally got tired of my Nokia e71 rebooting 3x per day on me so I hard reset it and needed to have the original factory lock code to get back in. Here are the steps needed to do this:

# hard reset done from the main home screen.

# the lock code for getting back into it.

This will only reset the internal part of your e71, an external memory card will remain the same so you can better move you internal phone data to the memory card or back it up to another machine.


  1. same problem for me (e71 reboot itself randomly).
    did you installed kaspersky security mobile? i thinks is it's fault...

  2. i've forgotten my lock code of my nokia e71,how can i get it back&reset my phn..........???

  3. it's not true...

  4. I did hard reset but is still missing lock code ! Please someone can help about my phone