Eric D. Schabell: JUDCon 2010 Berlin: Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5 (Accepted)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JUDCon 2010 Berlin: Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5 (Accepted)

As previously posted, I submitted a session to JUDCon 2010 in Berlin and it has been accepted. I will be following Kris and Koen with their talk about the future of jBPM5:

Kris Verlaenen & Koen Aers - jBPM5: Are your business processes ready for the future?

Business Process Management (BPM) technology offers you to possibility to better manage and streamline your business processes. jBPM5 continues its vision in this area by offering an open-source, lightweight, embeddable process engine for executing business processes. Combined with the necessary services and tooling, this allows not only developers but also business users to manage your processes more efficiently throughout their entire life cycle. A lot is happening in the BPM area as well, with the introduction of the BPMN 2.0 standard, the increasing interest in more dynamic and adaptive processes, integration with business rules and event processing, etc. This presentation will show you how jBPM5 tackles these challenges and give you an overview of the most important features.

I will have to adjust my story as I no longer need to talk too much about the jBPM future (they got that covered), but will focus most of my talk on preparing your jBPM processes for future migration to jBPM5.

Eric D. Schabell - Get your BPM ducks in a row - preparing for migration to jBPM5

With the recent shift to unify the projects DroolsFlow and jBPM4.x into jBPM5, we are all wondering what the impact could be to our existing BPM projects. What is new in jBPM5? What does one need to be aware of? What does one need to prepare in advance for a move to this new platform? All these questions and more will be discussed in this session.

First, we will take a look at what has happened historically within jBPM to get us where we are now, with jBPM3.x and jBPM4.x versions. We will discuss DroolsFlow in relation to the path towards jBPM5. Next we will take a look at the Request for Comments (RFC) that was put into the community and resulting architecture for the future of BPM within JBoss Middleware. This leads to a closer look at the resulting jBPM5 road map and how this will relate to the JBoss Enterprise BPM products moving towards the future.

Finally we will provide a plan for positioning your existing Enterprise jBPM projects for the eventual move towards jBPM5. This will cover the architectural layers involved, a look at the tooling being created for this and steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition moving into your jBPM future.

I am really excited to be a part of the first ever EMEA version of JUDCon, see you there?

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