Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HowTo deploy jBPM processes in JBoss Developer Studio 4 (sneak preview)

I was playing with the new 4.0.0.M2 early release of JBoss Developer Studio and noticed something that really confused me for a few days. When opening my process definitions in the jBPM perspective I was used to having a Deployment tab where I could not only select the files from the project to be included in the archive, but also test my server connection and deploy via a button. Now this was gone (see image)!

Well, after searching the JBoss Jira a bit I could not find anything on the JBoss Developer Studio reporting this bug so I filed one. Silly me, it was already mentioned on the IDE project. I also was give a link to the JBoss Tools what's new page that shows they have come up with something new. There is now a jBPM Menu that appears when you are dealing with a process definition file (I circled the menu in red in image at bottom of this post).

Amazing how you can stare at a screen and just not see the obvious? Happy jBPM'in! ;-)


  1. For those having problems with failed deployments due to this setting:

    Server Deployer: /jbpm-console/upload

    you need to change this to:

    Server Deployer: /gpd-deployer/upload

    (Note in image above in post there is a line with /jbpm-console/uploadS, this is REALLY wrong!)

  2. Hey Eric, thanks for this, very useful when deploying a process at 2 am. As you say "Amazing how you can stare at a screen and just not see the obvious..."


  3. I changed Server Deployer to /gpd-deployer/upload
    and able to get the "Ping Server" working but when I tried to deploy the process , error shown "Unexpected exception while receiving the response from the server"