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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

jBPM Migration Tooling available in the OpenShift Cloud!

After our latest evening of coding on the jBPM Migration project we were able to fix quite a few bugs and pushed a web based jBPM Migration application into the cloud that enables everyone to play with the migration tooling right now!

I admit, it is in a crude form, but I am a fan of release early (if not often due to real life!). We will be massaging this to spiffy it up a bit, but the idea is there. You can upload your jBPM 3.2 process definition file (processdefinition.xml) and on the results page you will find a copy of your jPDL and below that the resulting BPMN2 XML. This is not formatted, but you can paste it into your IDE for formatting, viewing in the diverse jBPM5 editor tools and verify your process is migrated.

Even better, you can replicate this setup by following our Readme in the jBPM Migration Upload project. The basic steps to setup an OpenShift JBoss AS 7 instance and deploy the jBPM Migration Tool is as follows:

jBPM Migration Tooling on OpenShift Express
Installing the jBPM Migration tool on OpenShift was never easier! This git repository helps you get up and running quickly with the jBPM Migration Tooling.

# Running on OpenShift.
# Create an account at
# Create a jbossas-7.0 application
$ rhc-create-app -l $username -a jbpmmigration -t jbossas-7.0

# Add this upstream openshift-jbpmmigration repo.
$ cd jbpmmigration
$ git remote add upstream -m master git://
$ git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
# Then push the repo upstream.
$ git push

That's it, you can now checkout your application at: http://jbpmmigration-$

Usage notes: You can submit a jBPM jPDL 3.2 process definition as an xml file upload, the resulting page will show you first your submitted file (if all goes well) and the resulting BPMN2 process definition. This can be cut and paste into your IDE for formatting and testing against the jBPM5 editor(s).

I will be discussing this tooling at JUDCon in London and the London JBUG, drop by and we can chat about it. For now, get busy and start testing your process definitions before migration to jBPM5! ;-)

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  1. It's good to stress that at this moment it works 'if all goes well'.

    For now, there's not much error checking in place, so don't be too surprised if the screen stays blank (or worse, shows a stacktrace to reveal our current shortcomings) when you try it out with a less-than-perfect process definition.

    Stay tuned, however, as we're planning to improve this part of the project along with the rest!


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