Friday, October 18, 2013

OpenShift Primer - a JBoss workshop coming soon to JAX London 2013

I mentioned that I was invited to give a workshop, three hours on Monday, 28 October at JAX London.

This workshop would be based on my e-book, OpenShift Primer, with a focus of getting you hands on to work with the Cloud technology and a few JBoss middleware examples.

My session is from 0900 - 1230 hrs and I will be joined by Rhys Oxenham, our UK Cloud Guru who will show you some OpenShift magic as well.

So get yourself registered, meet me with your laptop at the assigned room, and we will have us a few hours of fun with OpenShift.

During the workshop I will give away a few copies of the e-book, so be sure to pay attention or you might miss something. ;)