Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Java User Group (JUG) - Boston Meetup Zero to Hero with JBoss Business Rules

At the end of January I will be touring through the Boston area on my way to Chicago where we are gathering for the ChicagoJBUG.

On January 31, 2014 at 18:00 hrs in Boston there will be a JUG meetup where I have been invited to make hero's in the JBoss Rules & BPM space.

Zero to Hero with the JBoss Business Rules Primer

This session will get you started with JBoss Business Rules and BPM. It will walk you through some of the capabilities, components and basic concepts that one needs to understand to start building process and rule-driven applications. Join us for an hour of Business Process Management (BPM) concepts, explanations of how to capture your enterprises logic in business rules and a demonstration or two from real live processes that bring these concepts to life. Take a walk with us through several live demos where we explain step by step what is happening and how you too can reproduce these locally. By the end of this session you too can amaze your friends and colleagues, becoming the local JBoss Rules & BPM hero!

See you all there!