Eric D. Schabell: Real life bpmPaaS with JBoss BPM Suite customer evaluation demo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Real life bpmPaaS with JBoss BPM Suite customer evaluation demo

Are you ready for BPM in the Cloud?

The fully cloud enabled JBoss BPM Suite has been made available on OpenShift as a bpmPaaS cartridge.

We have not been idle in the background as this was developed and have put together some automated cartridge installation projects that kick start you with pre-loaded demo projects.

First you need to have an account on OpenShift Origin, which you then can upgrade for free to the Bronze level.

This gives you access to the creation of MEDIUM sized gears which you will need for the bpmPaaS instances you create.
Customer evaluation demo in the Cloud

After that you can then create a new application via the online web administration console, where at the bottom of the page you will find a text box labeled Code Anything.

Paste cartridge URI, easy peasy!
This is a field where you can paste in one of the cartridge definitions we provide in the projects listed below. Just follow each projects readme file instructions and you will be up and running a full bpmPaaS based on JBoss BPM Suite in a matter of minutes.

The following projects are now available for you in bpmPaaS:

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