Eric D. Schabell: Best Way to Recap Devoxx 2014 Mastering xPaaS University Session

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Best Way to Recap Devoxx 2014 Mastering xPaaS University Session

Mastering xPaaS Uni Session Devoxx 2014
This week Devoxx BE 2014 kicked off in Antwerp, Belgium with my university session.

It was 3 hours of fun and attracted quite a crowd, though impossible to count a room of that size, estimates were over ~500 attendees.

We walked through IaaS (remember, "I don't care!"), PaaS and xPaaS layers with multiple demos to showcase what you can do within the PaaS and xPaaS layers with OpenShift.
The xPaaS showcased a massive collection of JBoss technology products that cover the myriad of aPaaS, iPaaS, mPaaS and bpmPaaS services.

Several collectible antique OpenShift t-shirts and some stickers were given away to the first attendees to show me working PaaS or xPaaS solutions while participating in the session live.
The slides are of course being hosted on our OpenShift PaaS for your viewing pleasure and if you like you can follow along and work through the examples provided as a self-paced workshop.

The session was recorded and should appear on in the near future.

Initial feedback was fun to watch streaming in on social media.

The slides:

Thanks to all who attended and responded online.

If you missed this university session, there's a free video recording available:

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