Eric D. Schabell: 2 Creative JBoss Must Have Items We Love

Friday, December 12, 2014

2 Creative JBoss Must Have Items We Love

JBoss stickers have arrived!
Just a short time ago we showcased the historical JBoss BPM Suite & JBoss BRMS stickers along with a few new ones around xPaaS that you can use to liven up your laptops, coffee mugs and just about any surface you want.

Since then we have not sat still, not with the year end holidays just around the corner!

Not only have the new stickers that were ordered arrived, but there are a few last year end events where you can score some really cool JBoss BPM Suite items.

These are the must have items from the 2015 BPM conference season and you can't buy them in stores near you.

The perfect room key.
To obtain one of these amazing keepsakes you will need to locate them in the wild, track down an elusive JBoss BPM Evangelist or Product Manager.

1. Key card

This card is used right now in Las Vegas at the Gartner BPM Conference as your room key. It features the JBoss BPM Suite sponsored slogan of Do Not Disturb

That sure beats the usual hanging sign on a hotel room door, doesn't it?

Nothing quite like that out there compares to this original card that will most likely mean you won't be turning in your hotel room key when you leave.

Rest assured with BPM!

2. Neck pillow

This item is something every BPM traveler should have, a neck pillow. It will get you through the train, bus or plane rides as you make your way to work every day.

Where else can you find such an interesting and useful item related to JBoss and BPM?

We wish you happy hunting as you try to track these items down in the coming months.

You have to admit... JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite have the coolest swag!

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