Eric D. Schabell: 3 Must See Sessions For Red Hat Summit 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

3 Must See Sessions For Red Hat Summit 2015

This years Red Hat Summit conference and co-located DevNation event is being held in Boston, Massachusetts on June 23-26th.

I had previously listed the talks and workshops that I had submitted or co-submitted, but wanted to report back on the final status after acceptance (and rejection) letters were received.

The following are three must see sessions I will be presenting, hosting or joining at Red Hat Summit conference this year.

1. Planning not to fail with JBoss Business Resource Optimizer

The saying goes, failing to plan is planing to fail. We don't want to fail, but with the need to accelerate our integration and BPM projects we often have issues with complex resource planning. A roster needs to be planned, beds assigned to patients, a logistics route optimized, cloud instance resource planning to optimize usage of our workloads or even packing solutions for sub-optimal spaces. All these and more will be yours to solve with the help of the Business Resource Optimizer component included with Red Hat JBoss BRMS & BPM Suite products. 

Join us for a few hours, roll up your sleeves and get dirty as we create solutions that plan, organize and optimize.

(lab: to be hosted within the Choose Your Own Adventure series around JBoss labs with Jim Tyrrell, see agenda for location and times)

2. Racing Camel with BPM and JBoss Fuse

Do challenges have you wrestling with integration in your business? Are you aware that you can easily merge your enterprise Camel integration with your business processes? 

This lab will guide you through the creation of a customer care project containing several BPM processes that integrate seamlessly with JBoss Fuse, Camel routes, provide full BAM reporting abilities and manage it all wtih Fuse Fabric. Get ready for a few hours of fun and adventure as you kick the tires, because after all, a Camel has no purpose until there is a process.

(lab: co-submitted with Christina Lin to Red Hat Summit, see agenda for location and time this lab will be running)

3. Meet the Authors

This is a session where the various Red Hat and JBoss authors will be present for a chat, to sign your books or just to hang out with you. 

This is just a small list of some of the experts in the field that have written books around technologies your are passionate about:
  • Rob Davies     ActiveMQ in Action 
  • Eric D. Schabell     OpenShift Primer
  • Adam Miller    Implementing OpenShift 
  • Grant Shipley    Learning OpenShift 
  • Mike McGrath    Understanding PaaS 
  • Andrew Lee Rubinger    Continuous Enterprise Development in Java 
  • Claus Ibsen    Camel in Action 
  • Bill Burke    RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0
  • Pradeep Subramainan    Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 
  • Russell Bryant    Asterisk: The Definitive Guide 
  • Ruth Suele / Tom Callaway    Raspberry Pie Hacks 
  • Jim Whitehurst    The Open Organization 
  • Jason Hibbets    The OpenSource City 
  • Shawn Wells / Keith Basil    OpenStack Security Guide 
  • Emmanuel Bernard    Hibernate Search in Action 
  • Neependra Khare    Docker Cookbook 
Some or all of these authors might be present in this session, so swing on by, I will be there with a few give away copies (codes to download) of my e-book, OpenShift Primer for free!

(see conference agenda for location and times)

See you in Boston in June 2015!