Eric D. Schabell: Workshop in a Can: Setup a JBoss BRMS Full Day Workshop

Friday, July 17, 2015

Workshop in a Can: Setup a JBoss BRMS Full Day Workshop

Looking for an easy way to promote, present or demonstrate how easy it is to get started with JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) product?

Look no further as we have pulled together this workshop so that you can construct an evening, half day or full day session of learning around JBoss BRMS.

You can setup this workshop and run it at any event  as it can be constructed to take from a half to full day to complete. Think of the following possibilities for this workshop:
  • local Java User Group (JUG)
  • local JBoss User Group (JBug)
  • local tech meetup
  • work interest group
  • after hours meetup at work
  • submit it to a conference (yes you can use this!)
The workshop outlines how to build an online retail shopping cart project that uses all the rules and events that JBoss BRMS offers. Not only that, you get to build them all hands on with the various web based tooling that the product offers.
JBoss BRMS workshop to build a retail online
web shop experience.

You only need to be able to read a PDF to get started, have a browser to view html based workshop slides that lead you through the building phases, Java 7 or 8, Maven 3.2 or higher and the products JBoss BRMS and JBoss EAP.

Here are the four steps to get you started preparing to present this workshop to your excited attendees.

1. Get project

To run this workshop we will need to obtain a copy for ourselves and maybe tell the workshop attendees where to get it. It is a self contained setup so that makes it very easy with it hosted online:
This should give you a workshop hosted under a directory summit-choose-own-adventure-brms-master.

2. Get products

Now you will need to add three JBoss products that you can download from the Red Hat Customer Portal. You will need the following:
You can also obtain the JBoss EAP and JBoss BRMS versions at their respective product pages (linked above) with a developer download. The patch will need to be downloaded from the customer portal.

3. Ready workshop for attendees

Now that you have the products listed above, you need to put them into the proper location. This is in the installs directory found here:


After you have done that, you can place the entire workshop directory on an USB stick or somewhere that your workshop attendees will be able to get a copy of it.

4. Prepare for workshop

Now you have the workshop ready for your attendees, you show up at the event and want to get started.

Shop in the online JBoss BRMS Cool Store.
The first step is to introduce the topics around rules and events, which is available both in the workshop and as an online hosted presentation. You can also read up on these topics and watch the videos available here:
After you have gained the basic knowledge to explain to your attendees what is going on and what they are going to be doing, just point them to the PDF to get started:


This will have them run the project installation and point them to the initial workshop slides where they start building rules, events and other artifacts.
Looking to Automate your business?

We hope you can think of this as your go to JBoss BRMS workshop in a can, where you will be able to amaze friends, colleagues and family with your ability to lead them through building a JBoss BRMS project.

Any and all feedback welcome, feel free to reach out to me directly with you comments.