Eric D. Schabell: 7 Steps to Your First Process with JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 Steps to Your First Process with JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit

Exactly one year ago we announced and launched a site for you to get started with the JBoss BPM Suite product, we called it the JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit.

Shortly thereafter we hosted a webinar presenting the starter kit, which was one of the largest registrations and attended JBoss BPM webinar to date.

Now we have produced more content, demos, examples, videos and workshops that we want to share in a logical order for interested parties to get started quickly with JBoss BPM Suite.

The last weeks we have revamped the original content and present what we hope you will enjoy. This path has been set out in seven steps that provide a straight forward path towards discovery, introduction, installation, learning, hands-on experiences and finally provides you with a way to pass it on with workshops-in-a-can.

If you can't wait, feel free to jump right in:

Start exploring the JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit Today

The seven steps to your first process are listed as the sections you will work through in the JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit and are as follows:
  1. Targeting the right audience, who are you?
  2. Background on rules, events and processes
  3. How to get the products (where and what)
  4. Video quick tours 
  5. How it's done, example projects provided
  6. Get hands on with workshops, either locally or in the OpenShift Cloud and examples of them canned for your reuse
  7. Looking to Automate your business?
  8. References to help you past the starter kit
The video section is growing with small videos that are meant to isolate individual issues, components, ideas and actions in the product and will grow over time.

Feedback welcome, please don't hesitate to reach out about the content or structure and enjoy your JBoss BPM Suite Starter Kit.

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