Monday, November 16, 2015

OSCON 2016 submission - Riding the seas of change with an online retail travel agency

I have submitted a talk to OSCON 2016 in Austin, Texas next year on May 18-19th.

The trigger was a rather interesting category around real life solutions and how Open Source can be applied.

They described it as:

"Hearing about how a company or team has succeeded with a new initiative, implemented a new language, or reconfigured their architecture is fascinating—so is listening in on the failures. Both success and failure have a lot to teach us. As individuals we have a limit to how many of those we can complete in one year so this track is about sharing war stories and life on the front lines. Help the person beside you and tell your story. All proposals here should be in the form of real-life stories. How did you go from a monolith to microservices? Now that you’ve migrated to microservices, how do you manage them in production? How did they hack your system?"

With this in mind, I have put together a story around the JBoss BPM Travel Agency to highlight OpenSource solutions when migrating to microservices and then later when an acquisitions requires the need for data virtualization solutions to prevent bookings losses mid-season.

The talk outline is listed below.


The attendee will journey with a small retail travel agency that weathers the storms of doing business in a fast moving, modern IT landscape. The adventures start with a microservice migration, continues with a mid-season acquisition of a sister agency requiring an agile data virtualization solution to prevent revenue loss. Hold on tight as you ride stormy seas of a retail travel agency business.


This session will take the attendee on a journey as a small retail travel agency weathers the storms of doing business in a fast moving IT landscape. The attendee will be taken from initial implementation of a services based architecture for a travel booking solution, through a microservices migration, to finally dealing with an acquisition of a sister agency during the high point of the booking season that requires virtual data integration solutions.

Attendees will be:

  • given insights into a retail travel booking solution based on Open Source software.
  • shown how rules and events can be leveraged for fraud detection on payment methods.
  • provided with complete access to project solution that migrates existing services to microservices.
  • taken on the journey of acquiring a sister agency during the high point of the travel booking season.
  • shown how both agency's data sources were integrated without disrupting booking processes or revenue generation.
  • left with example projects showing how solutions were implemented for further review after session.
  • pointed to workshop materials where they can get hands on with the solutions presented.

Be ready to hold on tight as you ride the stormy seas of a retail travel agency's business as it grows and adapts to their ever changing retail markets using Open Source software solutions.

Sound like something worth attending?