Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Cloud Suite - Accelerating Service Delivery (video)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Red Hat Cloud Suite - Accelerating Service Delivery (video)

Red Hat Cloud Suite
(Original article authored by James Labocki, Product Marketing Manager extraordinaire at Red Hat in North America, the original article can be found at

With the release of the Red Hat Cloud Suite there are a few interesting use cases that we wanted to present that showcase solutions using this product.

The following article and video walks you through one of these use cases.

Red Hat Cloud Suite accelerating service delivery

Common problems organizations face across both their traditional IT environments (sometimes called mode-1) and new emerging IT environments (sometimes called mode-2) include:

This demonstration shows how Red Hat is helping accelerate service delivery for traditional IT environments. Developers or line of business users request stacks daily to create new services or test functionality. Each of these requests results in lots of work being done by operations and security teams. From creating virtual machines, to installing application servers, and even securing the systems – these tasks take time away from valuable resources that could be doing something else (like building out the next generation platform for development and operations).

There are many solutions that exist for automating the deployment of virtual machines or the applications inside of the virtual machines, but Red Hat is uniquely positioned to automate both of these. By leveraging Red Hat CloudForms in conjunction with Red Hat Satellite it is possible to create a re-usable description for your application that can be automatically deployed via self-service with governance and controls across a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In the demonstration we show the self-service automated deployment of a Wordpress application consisting of HAProxy, 2 WordPress application servers, and a MariaDB database across both VMware vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Stay tuned for more Red Hat Cloud Suite scenarios!