Eric D. Schabell: How to get your App Dev on with JBoss Travel Agency in the Cloud (video)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to get your App Dev on with JBoss Travel Agency in the Cloud (video)

Install and leverage the JBoss Travel Agency
process application on Red Hat Cloud Suite,
using OpenShift as your PaaS!
I previously mentioned that nothing has gotten me more excited than the availability of the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) to easy your application development with containers and OpenShift.

This kit has made it possible to easily gain access to a full, product based installation of OpenShift as you would interact with it in your application development scenarios in just minutes.

The easy installation project to get started with the CDK and OpenShift is on Red Hat Demo Central, as well as the Red Hat Cloud Suite example projects that get you started with JBoss applications containerized on OpenShift. Remember, with Red Hat Cloud Suite it's all about the PaaS baby!

Here today I am giving you an example of the JBoss Travel Agency booking process application that can be pushed with the same easy template you are used to, into the Cloud. First you will need to install the Red Hat CDK easy installation project. This is also available in a video to show you how to install the CDK in just minutes.

After you have done this, you can follow along here to get your very own local private PaaS based on OpenShift rocking the JBoss Travel Agency booking process application. This video takes you through the installation in just under six minutes.

This is what the Red Hat Cloud Suite will feel like if you are interacting as an application developer. Containers, OpenShift self service PaaS, JBoss middleware and much more are waiting for you to explore.
Red Hat Cloud Suite

Find out why you can't ignore the Cloud stack anymore and stay tuned for more application development in the Cloud including video demonstrations!

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