Eric D. Schabell: Retail in the Cloud - Business rule integration in retail with Vaadin 8.1

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Retail in the Cloud - Business rule integration in retail with Vaadin 8.1

retail in the cloud
Shopping cart UI updated to Vaadin 8.1
Last year the retail example integrating business logic with an online retail shopping experience was taken in to the Cloud.

We talked about the various layers from the bottom up and provided you with the easiest way possible to install your own private Cloud.

We brought you a full retail example with the JBoss Cool Store running on the OpenShift Container Platform (OCP), which you can install in just minutes before pushing this retail example in a container hosted on OCP.

You can now fully demo and leverage a retail example based on JBoss BRMS through the business central web console running containerized on not just your own OCP, but on any OCP installation you want.

How about that?

retail in the cloud
Building the Cool Store container.

Retail in the Cloud

We will be leveraging previous work that installs OCP 3.6, the latest version you can get from Red Hat.

The installation takes just minutes and if you are missing any dependencies it points you to where you can download them. Pretty much fail safe.
Once OCP is installed it will be running the OCP image for you so now it's time to start moving the JBoss Cool Store application into the Cloud with the following steps:

  1. First ensure you have an OpenShift container based installation, such as one of the followling installed first:
retail in the cloud
JBoss Cool Store running in a container on OCP.
  1. Download JBoss EAP & JBoss BRMS, add to installs directory (see installs/README).
  2. Run '' or 'init.bat' file. 'init.bat' must be run with Administrative privileges:
   # The installation needs to be pointed to a running version
   # of OpenShift, so pass an IP address such as:
   $ ./  # example for OCP.
Login to Cool Store to start exploring a retail web shopping project (the address will be generated by the init script):
  1. Want to build the Cool Store demo from scratch? Try these hands-on online workshops.
Now you are up and running with a fully installed, Cloud ready JBoss Cool Store .

If you want to learn how to build the Cool Store from the ground up, check out this online workshop:

For more information around containers, a Cloud stack and why you need to care about this containerized stack for your application development, see the App Dev Cloud Stack series that takes you on a tour of the Red Hat Cloud Suite.