Eric D. Schabell: OpenSlava 2017: Keynote, AppDev in the Cloud, APIs and more

Monday, September 18, 2017

OpenSlava 2017: Keynote, AppDev in the Cloud, APIs and more

openslava 2017
Back in July, I mentioned submitting a few talks to the event OpenSlava 2017.

With only a few weeks before the event takes place I wanted to share the two talks I will be presenting.

The organization selected the talks listed below and on top of that, one will a part of the opening keynote which means I get to help launch the main theme of the event; Emerging Technologies.

OpenSlava is organized by Accenture and brings together speakers on emerging technologies and open source, kicking off October 5-6 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Be sure to sign up on the registration site before you join us.

Let's look at the outlines for the keynote and accepted talks I'm presenting.

Keynote: Are developers the real emerging technology?

Developers are no longer just coders in the background but are front and center of an organization’s digital transformation efforts. While technology is driving change with open source projects, new tooling, containers and clouds offerings galore, it's still about people and organizational culture. Join us as we discover how developers are the real emerging technology today and the most important assets of all.

TIME: Friday, 6 Oct, 09:00

10 Steps to AppDev in the Cloud Happiness

A modern developers world is full of new tools, new technologies and getting started can become a bit daunting. Let's take a tour of how to get started with containers, Cloud and some examples so that you have your very own private PaaS Cloud on your laptop. You'll be given a private Cloud in minutes that turns your laptop into a container platform where you then can explore a multitude of example projects from such domains as retail, travel, finance and more. Hold on to your developer hats as we get you started on application development in the Cloud with open technologies, Ansible deployment automation and container-based fun. Everything you're shown in this session is available for attendees to explore online and hands-on once they've returned home.

TIME: Friday, 6 Oct, 13:00

Also of note, my friend and colleague Christina Lin is joining us for two sessions. Christina Lin is a Red Hat JBoss technology evangelist, focused on integration for Red Hat Middleware. She has lead in various integration projects and worked in financial, manufacturing and telecom industries. Not only she is a JBoss blogger, but also dedicate her time to evangelize modern integration architecture.

Be sure to catch her talks at OpenSlava 2017:

API ready architecture

There is a major shift sweeping the software industry. Daily, the world becomes more and more API-driven. When building an API, you'll go through specific stages known as the "API lifecycle." The API life cycle consists of 4 stages. The 4 stages are plan/design, build/integrate, operate/manage, and share/engage. And to have a proper architecture to back up the stages. Success of the API often comes from following best practices at each stage and a healthy structure . I’ll illustrate it showing an example of an API deployed on OpenShift, built with JBoss Fuse, and managed with 3scale. At the end of the session, you should have a better understanding of API best practices and tools.

TIME: Friday, 6 Oct, 13:50

Modern way of developing microservice style integration

When people think of microservice, they often relate it to breaking down large monolithic applications, but what about integration, what about the ESB that we used to implement SOA? In this talk I will talk about modern way of doing integration, how to break ESB into microservices. I will demonstrate how to build distributed dockerized integration image, do service discovery with Kubernetes and introduce automated pipelines using Jenkins.

TIME: Friday, 6 Oct, 15:40

Word has it that they want us both to give a few lightning talks, so be sure to keep your eye on the on-site listings for those.

Look forward to chatting with you in Slovakia!