Eric D. Schabell: Portland Java User Group (PJUG) - 10 Steps to Cloud Happiness

Friday, April 13, 2018

Portland Java User Group (PJUG) - 10 Steps to Cloud Happiness

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In a few weeks, on 24 April 2018, I'm going to be on the west coast of the US. I reached out to the local user groups some time ago and we've completed the planning to drop by for an evening of fun in the cloud.

It's very exciting to be presenting in my home town, something I don't think I have ever done before believe it or not.

The Portland, Oregon Java User Group, known as PJUG, will be hosting my talk. Register and let them know you're coming in the Meetup group.

My talk abstract is all about having fun on your own laptop:

10 Steps to Cloud Happiness

Eric Schabell (, an evangelist director from Red Hat, will be presenting a hands-on workshop for OpenShift, JBoss, Ansible, (et al), including several container based java example projects.

A modern developers world is full of new tools, new technologies and getting started can become a bit daunting. Let's take a tour of how to get started with containers, Cloud and some examples so that you have your very own private PaaS Cloud on your laptop. You'll be given a private Cloud in minutes that turns your laptop into a container platform where you then can explore a multitude of example projects from such domains as retail, travel, finance and more. Hold on to your developer hats as we get you started on application development in the Cloud with open technologies, Ansible deployment automation and container-based fun. Everything you're shown in this session is available for attendees to explore online and hands-on once they've returned home.

Hope to see you all there!