Monday, January 28, 2019

Modern Business Logic Tooling Workshop Updated to Decision Manager 7.2

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Recently I've started updating my free online rules and process automation workshops that showcase how to get started using modern business logic tooling.

These updates start with moving from JBoss BRMS to Red Hat Decision Manager and from JBoss BPM Suite to Red Hat Process Automation Manager.

These updates started with version Decision Manager version 7.1, but decided to update to the latest release that came out this week.

This announcement means the entire workshop has been updated to use Decision Manager 7.2, but the obvious place to start is with the installation.

Lab 1 - Installation

This lab is the first step on learning to develop a rules based project. It's all about getting the Decision Manager installed locally on your laptop for running the rest of the workshop.

The easiest way is to just jump right into lab 1:

Comments or feedback on any part of the workshop that might not be clear, just reach out.

Stay tuned for the next lab update, coming soon!