Eric D. Schabell: Red Hat Summit 2019: Road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Labs Roadmap

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Red Hat Summit 2019: Road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Labs Roadmap

Red Hat Summit 2019 is rocking Boston, MA from May 7-9th in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Everything you need to know about the current state of open source enterprise ready software can be found at this event. From customers talking about their experiences leveraging open source in their solutions, to the creators of open source technologies you're using, and all the way down to hands-on lab experiences on these technologies.

This hands-on appeal is what this series of articles is about. It's interesting to take a tour, so starting with this article let's examine a series of instructor-led labs based on a specific theme.

This week it's a roadmap to road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 lab content.

The following labs can be found in the session catalog online, by searching on title or filtering on instructor-led labs and road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Create custom images suitable for deploying systems using Red Hat Enterprise Linux image builder

Customers are identifying market problems and expressing strong demand for tooling to easily create useful deployment images. These images are expected in variety of formats, in a variety of deployment models, with a variety of custom, third-party, and updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata content. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta, image builder is available in Application Stream in the lorax-composer package. lorax-composer is an API server that lets you build disk images using blueprints to describe the package versions to be installed into the image.

Throughout this lab, you'll gain hands-on experience about how to:

  • Install image builder in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta.
  • Create blueprints and images with image builder web console.
  • Edit blueprints with image builder web console and cli.
  • Download with image builder web console and cli.
  • Deploy systems using custom images in KVM environment.
At the end of this lab, you'll have Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta system with image builder installed along with custom images in various formats that are ready for deploying systems. You'll be able to install image builder, build custom images, and deploy systems in your production environment.

Speakers: Yogesh Chavan, Karan Rai, Nenad Perić

The definitive Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta hands-on lab

Back for 2019 and completely refreshed with new content for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta, this hands-on lab will lead you through a mix of self-paced and proctored exercises covering core and updated capabilities. Led by your favorite Red Hat field solution architects.

All key areas will be covered:

  • Ease of use: web console, yum 4, application-streams.
  • Security: Simple system-level disk encryption, session recording with tlog, net-filter, abd nft-tools.
  • Performance: Tracing with ebpf, Cgroups v1 vs. v2, XFS enhancements.
  • Management: Gold image creation with image builder, skopio, buildah, podman, inplace upgrades with Boom.
And plenty more. There will be ample experts on hand to help and answer your questions. Join us and begin your journey to becoming a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta expert.

Speakers: Christoph Doerbeck, Eddie Chen, Gordon Keegan, Karl Abbott, Matt St. Onge

Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta AppStreams and containers for app dev

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta makes multiple versions of applications available to users to select and deploy with their applications. How does this work? Why would I need it? In this lab, you'll experiment with the new AppStreams yourself. We'll guide you through developing an application with AppStreams. Along the way, you'll learn:

  • How and when to use an AppStreams.
  • What AppStreams are available.
  • About AppStream profiles and defaults.
  • Using AppStreams with containers.
Come build your first application using AppStreams.

Speaker(s): Langdon White, Stephen Gallagher, Daniel Mach, Tomas Tomecek

Stay tuned for more articles with insights into other themes that might interest you enough to register for one of these instructor-led labs at Red Hat Summit 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you there!