Thursday, November 14, 2019

Digital Architecture Design Day 2019 - Open is Key to Your Career (slides)

digital architecture design day
Previous mentioned that today a unique conference for IT architects took place at  Congress center 1931. The Digital Architecture Design Day 2019 (DADD) asked for a keynote opening that would be motivational.

With a conference full of architects you can expect the keynotes to have titles focused on customer centrist design, digital transformation, and other technically focused topics. Nothing wrong with that, but I thought it might be fun to share a story with you about how being more open might just be the secret sauce for your career as an architect.

Here are a few comments posted by various attendees:

“What a week ☺💜 a week ago i was at #dadd2019, got inspired by Eric D. Schabell whose great talk turned out to be a natural bridge to my workshop session on how to engage and involve everyone in decision making.” -- Maryse Meinen

"Great keynote about sharing knowledge from Eric D. Schabell at #DADD2019" -- Joost Lommers

"Great opening about sharing knowledge from Eric D. Schabell at #dadd2019" -- CKC Seminars

The slides for this session are available here:


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Hope you enjoyed the talk, saw something new, and enjoyed the rest of the conference!