Eric D. Schabell: Beginners Guide - Expanding your DevOps toolbox workshop

Monday, February 24, 2020

Beginners Guide - Expanding your DevOps toolbox workshop

devops beginners guideThe last few months there have been a series of updates to the various open source process automation technologies shared with you over the years in beginners guide workshops.

These updates require updates to workshop content ensuring you have material that helps with getting hands-on with the latest technology versions.

Recently, I shared updates to the human resources employee rewards workshop, where you can get started with the beginners guide to learning about process automation.

This article continues with another workshop update, one that's focused on sharing new tooling with DevOps communities.

DevOps Heroes workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce you to a new tool for your devops toolbox. The goal is to install a process automation environment, and build a process automation project integrating DevOps testing into a fictional organization.

devops beginners guideWe'll introduce you along the way to the Red Hat Process Automation Manager and end up with a functional DevOps testing process.

  • Lab 1 - Install Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Lab 2 - Create a new project
  • Lab 3 - Create a data model
  • Lab 4 - Create a guided rule
  • Lab 5 - Create a process
  • Lab 6 - Completing process details
  • Lab 7 - Creating process and task forms
  • Lab 8 - Running the process
With all the latest updates, links to downloads for all needed product tooling on Red Hat Developers, you'll be on your way to adding process automation to your DevOps toolbox in no time.

If you have any comments and or suggestions while using the workshop, please bring it to our attention.