Eric D. Schabell: KCD Czech & Slovak 2023: Engaging Your Execs - Telling Great Observability Tales Inspiring Action (slides + video)

Friday, May 19, 2023

KCD Czech & Slovak 2023: Engaging Your Execs - Telling Great Observability Tales Inspiring Action (slides + video)

Today I spoke at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Kubernetes Community Day (KCD) in Bratislava,Slovakia.

I've been to Bratislava in the past to keynote for another conference at the same location and was deeply impressed with the depth of knowledge walking around that university. 


I want to share the slides from my talk along with the abstract, so see below for both. The session was also recorded so will be sharing that when available too.

The idea behind this community day is to promote Cloud Native ideas, projects and software while enabling the people interested in modern IT technologies to meet and share their knowledge. A core focus as part of the CNCF is to also provide a platform to introduce projects included in their landscape, with a major focus on Kubernetes as one of them. 

It was great fun seeing everyone, walking the city of Bratislava each morning on the way to their university campus for the event. Here are the slides:

Engaging Your Execs - Telling Great Observability Tales Inspiring Action

Anyone embedded in the cloud native observability teams in any organization can voice their frustrations at not being taken seriously by their executive decision makers. This leads to way too much on-call stress, frustrations, and eventual burnout. With research showing us DevOps spending over 10 hrs a week on issues in their environments, we could all use quick action by our executives when we find ways to fix our cloud native issues. The trick is to tell the tales we accumulate in such a way as to engage, inspire, and effect change in our organizations. This session provides attendees with ample cloud native bedtime stories, tricks that make your tales land within the executive human mind, and actionable insights to head home with immediate results. Join me for a half hour of power where you are empowered to tell better observability stories for better executive decision outcomes.

Key takeaways - Attendees to this session will be given a small yet powerful set of examples to help them effectively tell their cloud native observability tales to motivate their executives into action. Humans listen to stories (tales) more than they pay attention to pages of charts, dashboards, and data. Learn how to tell your tales, terrifying and educational, with tips and tricks to engage your executives into believing your need for organization’s  observability improvements.

Date: Friday, 19 May 2023
Time: 14:10 - 14:45
Location: FIIT Bratislava - Ilkovičova 2 Bratislava, 842 16

Thanks for joining and I'll here's the recording:

Bonus content here for the cloud native observability panel that I also participated in: