Eric D. Schabell: Sick as a dog!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sick as a dog!

So, today for the first time in 48 hours out of my bed... bah, what a flu. Since Monday evening I have been sleeping, can you imagine?

The worst part of being sick here in house Schabell seems to be that everyone gets to share in the misery. It all started with my daughter, she has been having the sniffles since last weekend. Then I got it Monday evening, but much more severe. Today my wife has got it too, off to bed and see you in a few days.

So the story is that our daughter is pretty much over it, happily playing away between naps and either mommy or daddy haning sickly on the couch trying to keep her happy... it has been a tough week so far, let me tell you.

I am off to bed again, just up to check the email and see if the world was still turning after two days of sleep.