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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Manual translations started

About two weeks ago I was given the task at work to spend one day a week supporting our eGroupWare setup. Seeing as I was the one who did the initial research and handled the initial testing phases before implementation, it was a logical step.

I contacted the current calendar lead (Ralf Becker) and made myself know as wanting to join the development team. It seems to me that eventually being in touch with the core developers of eGroupWare might be of some benefit should we desire to submit bug fixes or wish to have any input at all.

Ralf was very nice but let me know that they are currently busy with 1.2 release candidates, so not much time for new members. I made the offer to jump on the manual documentation, updating the current English version to match the soon to be released version. This offer was accepted and I now have access to the documentation.

The idea is to translate the current German version over to English, luckily I can still remember some of my German! I have taken a look but think I might just free-wheel a bit to make sure we are documenting everything. I started and completed the initial Calendar page, but there is much to do:
Calendar help

I have already been contacted by external users who wish to comment or request documentation features, so I guess I will be busy for the time being!

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