Eric D. Schabell: IRIS PMS edit function push

Friday, February 17, 2006

IRIS PMS edit function push

The big push for the edit function is in full swing. I was able to spend three whole days on this last week and have a basic edit function that can pick up an existing publication, allow all data changes and write them back to the database!

We are still missing a few things that I consider needed for the basic first release:
  • pick up old content and source if a new one is not provided.
  • be able to replace exisiting sources with new ones.
  • update actors (editors, authors, etc).
A few things that are important for releases following the initial are:
  • add new actors.
  • change order of actors.
  • book/proceedings id's autosync data with in(proceedings/collection/book).
  • add new book from edit function.
  • type changes.
I hope to release this edit function early next week in v0.8.0.

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