Eric D. Schabell: Some serious testing of the syncing mechanisms!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Some serious testing of the syncing mechanisms!

Today I spent setting up the eGWOSync tool on an extra laptop we have here at work. I hope to give a bit of a report to my bosses about the quality/usage of this sync method.

Furthermore, I installed and adjusted the setup of our test eGroupWare server to make use of the new v0.7.0 ical server as written by Jan van Lieshout. This is a very nice improvement to the eGroupWare sync suite and I hope it hits the cvs repo soon. We have many Apple users and I hope to provide the Palm syncing via this interface sometime in the future. All other available services (xmlrpc and SyncML) have either been a let down by the server side or by the clients that use them.

Jan is looking for someone to integrate this into the eGroupWare suite qua configuration settings and such, maybe I can spend some time on that if the powers that be here don't mind.