Eric D. Schabell: Arrived in North Carolina!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Arrived in North Carolina!

I left Seattle for North Carolina for a week with my best buddy Jody. Travelled thru Chicago and had a one hour and forty minute delay which put me in pretty late in NC. By the time we got home to Jody's house it was 0400 hrs, time for bed.

The next few days were spent with Jody, his wife Bara and their lovely daughter Ally. She keeps calling me Uncle Eric and I have to do everything with her. I eat with her, play with her, sit next to her at dinner, gave her a bath, put her to bed, etc... really cute!

We went to the dirt bike track to watch Jody ride, I have had my official USMC haircut (a tradition when I stop by) for only $6 (when will the dutch learn, 16-17 euros for a haircut is crazy) and some last bit of shopping before the trip home. Have this amazing pink rabbit for my Isabel!

The big project for the week is a double level swing-set for Ally, with playhouse, ladder, climbing wall and swing. Much work to do as you can see below.
Swing Ally