Eric D. Schabell: Concentrating on IcalSrv work by Jan van Lieshout

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Concentrating on IcalSrv work by Jan van Lieshout

A few weeks ago there was contact made with Jan van Lieshout who has started a push to implement an IcalSrv for syncing with eGroupWare. I must say I found this to be the most promising syncing effort to date, with Ical supporting many more clients and devices than the other efforts to date (remember, I have yet to have a satisfactory client syncing with eGroupWare).

Jan has been working hard to get eh framework completed, I have been doing my best to help with debugging, testing and setup in the wiki. We have both been put up for Junior Members of the development team and I have setup the IcalSrv wiki project page.

More as it develops!


  1. Dear Eric and Jan,
    I am new at forums, I have a question about IcalSrv and I want to help making a manual for users:
    I installed Egroupware 1.4.004-2 at two companies and made connections through icalsrv and lightning. This works very well thank you for the hard work ! Only one problem, history of non-recurring events do not show up after a while in lightning, so you can not go back in time to view some event. This is probably set to minimize EgW and Lightning data flow. How can I set/ adjust this date range ?
    Thank you veryvery much for a hint / suggestion,
    Marco Zuijderhoudt

  2. Marco,

    I have been away from this project for over a year. I am not up on the current setup anymore. For example Lightning is not something I am familiar with.

    Jan dropped out of sight shortly after committing his work on the icalsrv, so don't think you will have much luck contacting him.

    I would need to look into the code to sort out your answer, but do not have the time for that (hope you appreciate honesty).

    Sorry I can't be of more help.


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